About Me

I'm Priyanshu Singh, Travel Blogger, wanderer, nature-lover, and I love Road trips to extreme parts of nature

One earth, four seasons, seven continents, billions of people and infinite species of Flora and Fauna, Why not to explore the combinations of all these while you're still fit and fine enough.

One thing I'd love to do before going to death-bed is accomplishing all my damn adventurous bucket list and by that I mean really "adventurous" (checkout my bucket list real soon)

I've been grown up in town called Faridabad, which is pretty near to National Capital "New Delhi", which means I'm familiar to pollution and a lot of pollution. I've never really touched by travel blogging untill I shifted to Jaipur for my Higher Education.

Guru Shikhar, Mount Abu
(May 2019)
Guru Shikhar, Mount Abu (May 2019)

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